Shock absorbers and springs

Kimiko shock absorbers have earned a good reputation in the Chinese auto parts market due to their quality and the innovative technology used in their manufacture. Due to their quality, as well as a favorable and affordable price, Kimiko shock absorbers and springs are in great demand among Chinese car owners.

When installing a new shock absorber, it is also recommended to replace the spring. It serves to absorb shock energy during suspension operation, as well as to more quickly restore contact between the wheel and the road surface. Therefore, not only the comfort of the trip, but also the safety of all road users depends on the condition of the spare part.

In the manufacturer's catalog you can find all types of springs for popular brands of Chinese cars:

  • with constant or variable cross section;
  • standard or amplifying;
  • with constant or variable coil pitch, etc.

All products of the company are made of high-strength materials and are carefully checked for compliance with quality standards and compliance with overall dimensions. Parts from KIMIKO allow you to quickly repair the machine at a relatively low financial cost.

Suspension Strut

Vendor code:B2915170-KM
OE code:B2915170

Suspension Strut

Vendor code:2905102XS56XA-KM
OE code:2905102XS56XA

Suspension Strut

Vendor code:B2915270-KM
OE code:B2915270

Suspension Strut

Vendor code:MR554860-KM
OE code:MR554860
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