Market leader in spare parts for Asian vehicles

Kimiko - quality

Kimiko is high-quality drive belts and rollers, engine and cooling system parts, brake elements and running gear spare parts, and dozens of other categories of spare parts for Chinese cars. Parts undergo full quality control at every stage of production. All spare parts are certified and have a warranty period of up to 12 months. We are one of the leaders in the spare parts market. A company with a long tradition of creating and developing alternative solutions to original parts from an early stage. Our solutions are always of equal or higher quality – we act in the interests of consumers worldwide.

Kimiko Manufacturer's Warranty

12 months warranty is your advantage

Kimiko offers its customers only spare parts that meet all quality standards of original auto components. Since kimiko has exceptional expertise in the field of spare parts, we only offer products that provide the highest level of wear resistance during use. We have been working in the field of spare parts production for more than 15 years and apply this experience in our own production.