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TM KIMIKO takes the leading position as the manufacturer of transmission belts, clutch parts, water and oil pumps, brake pads and shoes, tensioning and guiding bearings, gaskets etc. used for Chinese Brands’ Cars.

KIMIKO Company has properly studied and made use of main Chinese Freight and Passenger Car manufactures’ requirements. Among them are BYD, CHERY, GEELY, LIFAN, GREAT WALL, BOGDAN, DADDY, FOTON, FAW, BAW, JAC, DONG FENG, TATA etc. According to experts’ technological point of view TM KIMIKO’s products’ quality exceeds the rest existing parts for Chinese Brands’ Cars. And it is not surprising! The company owns more than 200 units of imported industrial equipment meeting the highest international standards. Here you can find high-precision molding machines; cleaning and slitting machines; testing machines etc.

Such a material base combined with the latest Japanese technology gives us great opportunities in future. We are much sure in our products’ quality so we provide each our customer with manufacturer’s guarantee.

You can learn KIMIKO parts’ quality at first hand by purchasing any of it. No matter what product you choose: drive belts, guiding bearing, pumps, gaskets, brake pads or clutch components, you will face high quality, which is the result of hard work, long-term studies and high-cost technologies.  Their main priority is energy efficiency and reliability.

Kimiko beltsbrake shoesgasketsmotor rollersmotor pumps for Chinese cars.

All Kimiko spare parts are manufactured in factories located on the island of Taiwan and China (China, People's Republic of China).

Currently, he is a quality leader in the production of spare parts for Chinese cars.

Parts Kimiko made ​​for such popular brands as CheryGeely,Great WallBYDLifanChana BenniFAWFotonJACDongFeng.