Engine components are indispensable components of any engine. This is why a zero tolerance applies to engine parts in the event of errors. If damage occurs on individual components, the entire engine can quickly be affected. The result: complicated repairs, combined with high costs. The material quality of all engine control components is crucial for the safe functioning of the engine. This applies, amongst others, to the camshaft, cylinder head and associated components. Therefore, Kimiko offers cylinder head components in tested OE matching quality.

Camshaft oil seal

Vendor code:480-1006020-KM
OE code:480-1006020
58.88 р.

Camshaft oil seal

Vendor code:481F-1006020-KM
OE code:481F-1006020
46.13 р.

Camshaft oil seal

Vendor code:E010130010-KM
OE code:E010130010
51.00 р.

Camshaft position sensor

Vendor code:A11-3611011-KM
OE code:A11-3611011
332.25 р.

Catalyst gasket

Vendor code:A11-1205313-01-KM
OE code:A11-1205313-01
58.88 р.

Catalyst gasket

Vendor code:S21-1205313-KM
OE code:S21-1205313
54.00 р.

Catalyst gasket (ring) 51mm

Vendor code:1016002020-KM
OE code:1016002020
77.25 р.

Clutch rod seal

Vendor code:015311109AA-KM
OE code:015311109AA
42.38 р.

Connecting Rod Bearings 0.25

Vendor code:480-1004121CA-KM
OE code:480-1004121CA
305.25 р.

Connecting Rod Bearings STD

Vendor code:E020120501-KM
OE code:E020120501
271.88 р.

Connecting Rod Bearings STD

Vendor code:480-BJ1004121-KM
OE code:480-BJ1004121
305.25 р.

coolant temperature sensor

Vendor code:E050210005-KM
OE code:E050210005
127.88 р.
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