The suspension is one of the systems that are part of the chassis of the car. It connects the wheels and the body, ensuring smooth running and stability of the car on the road due to depreciation. When using high-quality parts of the car suspension, the movement on the vehicle becomes safe and comfortable, increases the service life of the main mechanisms, parts and components of the car.

The complex system of a suspension bracket assumes existence of various details, knots and units:

  • Shock absorbers
  • Springs, springs, torsions
  • Stabilizer for lateral stability
  • Guide levers
  • Swivel fists
  • Various fasteners such as rigid bolted joints, composite bushings, ball joints

The Kimiko range is formed in accordance with the requirements and demand on the market and according to European standards, which is a proof of the highest and most modern innovative product quality standards. By becoming our partner, you can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the purchased products, as well as the best price, warranty, breadth of range, speed of delivery that we provide for you.

CV joint outer (Z 23/Z 21)

Vendor code:S21-XLB3AH2203030A-KM
OE code:S21-XLB3AH22
643.53 р.

CV joint outer (Z 24/Z 23)

Vendor code:1014003354-KM
OE code:1014003354
759.24 р.

CV joint outer (Z 24/Z 30)

Vendor code:1014003354-01-KM
OE code:1014003354-0
900.32 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 23)

Vendor code:1064000291-KM
OE code:1064000291
766.94 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 23)

Vendor code:4347009A14-KM
OE code:4347009A14
540.08 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 23)

Vendor code:1064001829-KM
OE code:1064001829
906.59 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 30)

Vendor code:10347868-00-KM
OE code:10347868-00
810.26 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 32)

Vendor code:SBAC22003-KM
OE code:SBAC22003
633.27 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 32)

Vendor code:17.03.0800F3003-KM
OE code:17.03.0800F3
791.16 р.

CV joint outer (Z 26/Z 32)

Vendor code:17.03.0800F3003-01-KM
OE code:17.03.0800F3
702.24 р.

CV joint outer (Z 28/Z 25)

Vendor code:B11-XLB3AC2203030-KM
OE code:B11-XLB3AC22
855.00 р.

CV joint outer (Z 28/Z 30)

Vendor code:A21-XLB3AF2203030C-KM
OE code:A21-XLB3AF22
656.36 р.
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