Various filters are installed in modern vehicles - from oil to air and cabin filters up to fuel filters. They ensure that the engine works perfectly, but also that the driver is protected from harmful air particles.

Kimiko offers a comprehensive range of filters in tested OE matching quality to ensure the best possible filtration performance:

  • Oil filters
  • Transmission filters
  • Air filters
  • Fuel filters
  • Cabin filters

Cabin Filter

Vendor code:1017015060-KM
OE code:1017015060

Fuel Filter

Vendor code:1105-110M01A00-KM
OE code:1105-110M01A00

Fuel Filter

Vendor code:S11-1117110BA-KM
OE code:S11-1117110BA

Fuel Filter

Vendor code:F1117100-KM
OE code:F1117100

Oil Filter

Vendor code:Y003-110-KM
OE code:Y003-110

Oil Filter

Vendor code:1106013221-KM
OE code:1106013221

Oil Filter

Vendor code:1012100-E03-KM
OE code:1012100-E03

Oil Filter

Vendor code:1136000118-KM
OE code:1136000118

Vendor code:1017016545-KM
OE code:1017016545

Vendor code:1016012148-KM
OE code:1016012148

Vendor code:T21-8107011-KM
OE code:T21-8107011

Vendor code:8226000-KM
OE code:97133D1000-KM
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