Cooling system

For optimal operation of an internal combustion engine, a certain temperature range is required. To prevent the engine from overheating, which can cause serious mechanical damage, the heat generated by the engine cooling system during engine operation must be efficiently dissipated to the environment. Various components of the engine cooling system ensure that the ideal temperature is maintained at all times. Kimiko carefully checks these parts to ensure they perform consistently and flawlessly.

Our certified quality department checks the offered wear parts for the engine cooling system for various requirements and loads, such as accuracy, parameter stability and quality of materials.

Cooling Radiator

Vendor code:B11-1301110BA-KM
OE code:B11-1301110BA
2 305.38 р.

Cooling Radiator

Vendor code:A15-1301110CA-KM
OE code:A15-1301110CA
2 057.44 р.

Cooling Radiator

Vendor code:A15-1301110-KM
OE code:A15-1301110
1 808.73 р.


Vendor code:E060020005-KM
OE code:E060020005
265.27 р.

Thermostat (76°C)

Vendor code:1306010-E00-KM
OE code:1306010-E00
290.29 р.

Thermostat (82°C)

Vendor code:1136000156-KM
OE code:1136000156
228.31 р.

Thermostat (85°C)

Vendor code:372-1306020-KM
OE code:372-1306020
222.92 р.

Thermostat (87 C)

Vendor code:481H-1306020-KM
OE code:481H-1306020
279.90 р.

Water pump

Vendor code:484FC-1307010-KM
OE code:484FC-1307010
700.32 р.

Water pump

Vendor code:473H-1307010-KM
OE code:473H-1307010
744.21 р.

Water pump

Vendor code:1136000158-KM
OE code:1136000158
651.81 р.

Water pump

Vendor code:471Q-1307950-KM
OE code:471Q-1307950
707.25 р.
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