Clutch and gearbox

The vehicle's clutch system provides temporary disconnection of the engine from the gearbox and accurate alignment of these devices when the engine is running. It also protects transmission components from excessive loads, dampens vibrations.

This system consists of: a driven disk, a clutch basket, a flywheel, a release bearing with a fork, pipelines and a pedal that disconnects the clutch. Due to an aggressive driving style, malfunctions such as worn gaskets, leakage of working fluid can occur. There are problems with slippage, uneven operation of the transmission, noise and jerks, the clutch pedal may sink. This is why quality parts can prevent premature clutch problems. Kimiko offers a wide and reliable range of spare parts, proven by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Clutch master cylinder

Vendor code:10642907-00-KM
OE code:10642907-00

Clutch master cylinder

Vendor code:BYDF3-1608100-KM
OE code:BYDF3-1608100

Clutch master cylinder

Vendor code:B1608100-KM
OE code:B1608100

Clutch master cylinder

Vendor code:10167879-00-KM
OE code:10167879-00

CV joint outer (Z 24/Z 23)

Vendor code:1014003354-KM-eco
OE code:1014003354

Drive assembly R

Vendor code:2203200BG08XA-KM
OE code:2203200BG08XA

drive seal

Vendor code:3321700-KM
OE code:3321700

drive seal

Vendor code:10237889-00-KM
OE code:10237889-00

drive seal

Vendor code:10146958-00-KM
OE code:10146958-00

drive seal

Vendor code:LF481Q1-2303324A-KM
OE code:LF481Q1-2303324A

Drive shaft oil seal (metal)

Vendor code:3016007576-KM
OE code:3016007576

Gearbox bearing needle 1st gear output shaft

Vendor code:3343928101-KM
OE code:3343928101
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