Brake system

When braking, every centimeter of stopping distance counts. Kimiko's range of braking products includes only OE quality parts to ensure perfect braking performance under all conditions. Driver safety is a top priority in product development. We offer our customers a wide range of friction components for brake systems - from brake discs and pads to brake drums and drum brake shoes. We constantly monitor the introduction of new vehicles to the market in order to respond to market needs in a timely manner and supply customers with all the necessary parts.

Our goal is to strike the perfect balance between efficiency, driving comfort and durability. Thanks to this, the Kimiko brand deservedly enjoys a reputation as a proven supplier of brake components.

Front left brake caliper

Vendor code:S11-3501050-KM
OE code:S11-3501050
757.25 р.

Front left brake caliper

Vendor code:A11-6GN3501050AB-KM
OE code:A11-6GN35010
1 008.33 р.

Front pad repair kit (plates)

Vendor code:1064001724-00-KM
OE code:1064001724-0
213.18 р.

Front right brake caliper

Vendor code:1014001810-KM
OE code:1014001810
864.41 р.

Front right brake caliper

Vendor code:S11-3501060-KM
OE code:S11-3501060
832.77 р.

Front right brake caliper

Vendor code:A11-6GN3501060AB-KM
OE code:A11-6GN35010
1 179.05 р.

Hand brake pads

Vendor code:T11-3502170-KM
OE code:T11-3502170
313.50 р.

Mounting kit for rear pads (plates) 4 pcs

Vendor code:1014003350-K01-KM
OE code:1014003350-K
268.47 р.

Rear brake pad repair kit

Vendor code:S11-3502170-01-KM
OE code:S11-3502170-
216.03 р.

Rear Brake Pads

Vendor code:SF35002-KM
OE code:SF35002
233.99 р.

Rear Brake Pads

Vendor code:T11-BJ3501080-KM
OE code:T11-BJ350108
271.61 р.

Rear Brake Pads

Vendor code:96473229-KM
OE code:96473229
134.52 р.
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