Belts and rollers

Automation of the timely injection of fuel into the car engine and the removal of exhaust gases from it largely depends on the smooth operation of the roller and timing belt. The belt is made using high-strength materials: rubber with special additives, reinforcing threads. Quite often, multifunctionality and versatility, as well as a constant friction force on the pulleys, contribute to increased wear of this spare part. Therefore, it is extremely important to follow the manufacturer's standard recommendations and change it in time to avoid a break. The high quality of the raw materials provides the finished product with elasticity, flexibility, and makes it possible to use it both in winter and in summer. Kimiko rollers and belts are made for Chinese car brands and can be installed instead of original components with a good warranty on the operation of the part.

Alternator and air conditioning belt 6PK1268

Vendor code:A11-3701315BA-KM
OE code:A11-3701315B
193.80 р.

Alternator and air conditioning belt 6PK1628

Vendor code:A11-3701315DA-KM
OE code:A11-3701315D
143.93 р.

Alternator and air conditioning belt 6PK1628

Vendor code:6PK1628-KM
OE code:6PK1628
177.27 р.

Alternator and water pump belt 4PK830

Vendor code:1300011-E00-KM
OE code:1300011-E00
75.81 р.

Alternator and water pump belt 5PK950

Vendor code:LF479Q1-1025015A-KM
OE code:LF479Q1-1025
90.92 р.

Alternator belt 4PK1085

Vendor code:4PK1085-KM
OE code:4PK1085
77.81 р.

Alternator belt 4PK685

Vendor code:S12-3701315-KM
OE code:S12-3701315
86.36 р.

Alternator belt 4PK743

Vendor code:S11-3701315-KM
OE code:S11-3701315
55.86 р.

Alternator belt 4PK938

Vendor code:4PK938-KM
OE code:4PK938
81.80 р.

Alternator belt 4PK938

Vendor code:MD326780-KM
OE code:MD326780
61.56 р.

Alternator belt 4PK960

Vendor code:4PK960-KM
OE code:4PK960
39.90 р.

Alternator belt 5PK865

Vendor code:471Q-1000027-KM
OE code:471Q-1000027
84.36 р.
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