V-Ribbed Belts

V-Ribbed Belts Kimiko
Ремни KimikoРемень Kimiko зубчатый
Structure and material

  1. Upper fabric: synthetic fabric containing special rubber layer ensures good heat resistance, oil resistance and wearability.
  2. Tensile body (core wire): heat-treated core wire makes it can endure high shock loading,
  3. Adhesion rubber: keep the adhesive force between core wire and upper core rubber and thus protect tensile body.
  4. Upper core rubber (RIBS): fortifying fiber of core rubber provides good side pressure ability and wearability.


  • Belts is excellent bending and straightening ability makes it suitable for small belt wheel and inversed bending and straightening condition.
  • Good transmission efficiency.
  • Low noise.
  • Satisfying drive.
  • Fiber reinforced compound rubber ensures excellent thermotolerance, oil resistance and attrition resistance.
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