Discs brake pads

Brake pads for cars Kimiko Chery, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Lifan, Chana Benni, FAW, Foton, JAC, DongFeng 


Disc brake pads are flat metal plate attached to them braking layer, which are mounted on a circular metal brake disk. When braking surfaces are pressed from the force of friction decreases the speed of rotation and the inertial force is extinguished car.

Схема установки дисковых тормозных колодок 2Схема установки дисковых тормозных колодок
Structure and Materials 

The individual elements of the base are made of forged steel for construction increased stability. Friction resistant composite is divided into several layers of different density and composition. Used for the production of hard type of rubber raw materials for which are purchased in Europe. The structure includes a binder and filler with high heat-resistant properties, metal fibers and abrasive particles together with the secret specials. additives. Heat-resistant material produced brake brake pads on special secret recipes of Kimiko. Process is based on rubber and asbestos fibers and phenol formaldehyde resin. Features Mostly disc brake pads are used in passenger cars, such as Chery Amulet, Chery QQ, Chery Tiggo, Geely CK, Geely MK, etc.. The high strength and wear resistance of the metal base layer braking. All parts of the brake pads retain their performance during the entire life cycle. High temperature (retains its properties even at temperatures of several hundred degrees centigrade), resistance to oil and abrasion.

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