Ремни KimikoПриводные ремни Kimiko

The basis for the production of belts KIMIKO are the Japanese technology, advanced Chinese specialists on the basis of years of research. Production is highly wear-resistance, low coefficient of expansion, high resilience, high resistance to abrasion-resistant mechanical transmission of torque, low noise characteristics, long service and other benefits. The mechanical characteristics meet the standards JASOE105-92, JASOE107-88 existing plants in Japan. 

The company Kimiko also adheres to the modern developments of the internal structure belts. They are made of cords, or rigidity of the cord tissue, located in several layers of rubber filler with different densities, wrapped in oilcloth. Various sections of belts due to their style and performance.

The products are mainly intended for popular car brands as BYD, CHERY, GEELY, LIFAN, GREAT WALL, BOGDAN, DADDY, FOTON, FAW, BAW, JAC, DONG FENG, TATA, and other passenger cars, trucks and buses.