Brake shoes

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Brake shoes for vehicles KIMIKO Chery, Geely, Great Wall, BYD, Lifan, Chana Benni, FAW, Foton, JAC, DongFeng, are of two kinds. Drum and disc for passenger (Chery Amulet, Chery QQ, Chery Tiggo, Geely CK, Geely MK, etc.) and goods of Chinese cars. Disc brake pads are mounted on the outside of the rim, and are used in most cars. Drum brake pads are located inside the hollow disk, and are mainly used in heavy cars and light-trucks.

Kimiko should latest developments in the production of rubber and rubber products. For the production of brake pads were purchased Kimiko development of leading European companies with which the company's products has reached the quality of European standards. As achievements of Japanese and Chinese studies have improved the quality of produced heavy-duty rubber grades of rubber. Research products on the abrasion resistance, wear resistance, resistance to aging trends, the impact of water and oil gave surprising results, surpassing many European achievements in this area.

Plant produces brake pads for all popular Chinese cars. For car CHERY, GREAT WALL, GEELY, LIFAN, BYD. As cargo DADDY, BAW, FOTON, FAW, JAC, TATA, DONG FENG, BOGDAN.

Except brake pads Kimiko company manufactures gaskets engine, belts, rollers, RM, cooling pumps for Chinese cars.